Rabia Hayek

rabia hayekRabia Hayek is a master breath worker who has studied with gurus, medical doctors and healers worldwide to gather the secrets of breathing and make them known to human kind. In meditation late one night in October 2006, Rabia had a vision for one billion people to consciously breathe together simultaneously. He has studied conscious breathing around the world and travels the earth sharing his own modalities on breathing, namely the Conscious Flow Method and Simultaneum, which is the art of breathing together synchronously with others as one. On 11/11/2012 DoAsOne.org will unite one billion people in breathing together through its Universal Breathing Room technology. Rabia Hayek is committed to making sure that humanity will remember the power of conscious breathing forevermore. In workshops, conferences, expos and other engagements, Rabia enlivens crowds as a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He is widely regarded as a leading expert on breathing, specifically for using the breath as a tool for wellness and oneness.

[day date=”Saturday”]Day 2[/day]
[event time=”8:30 — 10:00 pm” room=”Room A”]Uniting The Life Force[/event]

Life Force Mastery

How often are we walking around life paying zero attention to our life force? Join us in using the power of synchronous breathwork combined with affirmations and group intention to ignite one of the greatest powers that we own, the magnificent life force.

Rabia is the founder of Do As One, the website which ventures to unite 1 billion people in breathing together on the planet. http://doasone.com

Uniting The Life Force

Let us anchor in uniting our life force as we celebrate the magnificent individuals of the raw foods movement.

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